Monday, April 21, 2008

I love dirt!

I ALMOST caught the wink on camera, but too late.

We spent this beautiful afternoon outside getting very dirty, as every little boy (and girl) should! We played out in the backyard, which still needs some attention after the dirt the playhouse left behind, but as far as Charlie's concerned, he's got the biggest and best sandbox ever!

Charlie kept digging his fingers through the dirt and then giving me this look like "are you SURE i'm allowed to do this??"

Praise God for beautiful weather!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Charlie is taking swimming lessons through community ed at the middle school. He loves his time in the water, especially the bubble blowing!

"This is the life! I just lay here and let mommy do all the work!"
"And I motor around"

"Aw, a good place to splash is priceless!"

"This is a giant horn, right? I blow in here?"And bye-bye, we're done.......

Friday, April 11, 2008

I agree with Tam, I am so blessed to be home with my Charlie! We've had a great afternoon, despite all that Minnesota has to throw at us (he only points to his boots and says "Go?" a couple times a day). Not that we have anything to complain about ... we're thinking about you guys in Duluth!!

Charlie's vocabulary has been just taking off lately (both signing and verbal). His words now include dog, bird, light, boots, go, pop, cook, dude, mom, dada (although he's usually "dude"), up (which sounds more like "mup", but it's pretty obvious what he means :)), wow, and uh-oh. Signs are please, thank you, milk, food, more, cheese, help, and the ever-popular music bonk on the head. :)

Here's a video of some of the signs:

ummm, so the camera was more interesting than showing off ... take 2 ...

The "knuckles" is courtesy of the in-town uncles. (Incidentally, at his swimming lesson last week, Charlie's teacher asked him for a high-five when he blew bubbles in the water, so Charlie grabbed her finger tips and tried to change her hand so it would be ready for the much-preferred "knuckles" ... thanks, Uncle Dave for that particular weird look from the teacher who clearly didn't get it)

So then Charlie and Mommy decided to be artists together. Charlie sat in a kitchen chair big-boy style and colored a beautiful picture.

And then when he was done I asked him to put the crayons back in the box, which he did, very meticulously. I was so proud!!

And then, with one quick shake-shake, the crayons flew back out of the box and went everywhere! I had to laugh. We put the crayons back away together, and this time mommy held the box.

So clearly, once again, I really love and am thankful for the time I get to spend with our son, who, Praise God, is sleeping peacefully for his afternoon nap! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's been a fun week. First, we started with wet, heavy March snow. So Charlie decided it was time to take it on by himself.

Ok, not really. Dad was there for moral support.

Then it was decided that the swingset/playhouse in the back yard had to go, so Dad and Uncle Mark grunted and groaned and showed their manlyness!

Charlie supervised.

And then the two grandpas came in and grunted and groaned and used large, loud power tools and chainsaws, and finished the job in record time! Here's what's left of the swingset/playhouse.

But the whole yard is looking much better! Thank you to all who helped in this endeavor!

On Sunday we decided to clean the house. Charlie was a big help. First he learned from Daddy.

Then he was ready to take on the work by himself.

Except for that vacuum that just wouldn't follow him.