Monday, July 28, 2008

More Swimming

It's amazing, even when you've lived in an area your whole life, the places you discover when running around with a little one! This is a city park in Burnsville that was built specifically for little Monsters to do exactly what Charlie is doing. The "river" and waterfalls are perfect heights for little guys to splash and play to their heart's content.
Had we planned ahead a little more, we might have even brought a swimming suit! :) Luckily Mommy's purse is now constantly stocked with things like swim diapers.

"Hmm, really? I'm allowed in there?"

"Yea!!! I love it!"

And we're off for a stroll in the river. Isn't this place beautiful?

This, according to Charlie, is a "Wa-fall" and it's totally climb-able ... really ... no fear.

And at the top of the river, Charlie says, "Come closer, Nana, I have something to show you!"

"Splash!" (Giggle, giggle)

(Mommy has to admit, I saw this one coming and was ready with the camera.)

"Hey! This fountain splashes back!!"

God is truly blessing our family with a beautiful summer and a wonderful place to live. Charlie's squeals of delight just make my day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This summer Charlie and I have been enjoying our local water park. They have a great program where little kids can register to have a pass that gets them in an hour earlier than the park opens to the public and just the little kids' area is open. There's a zero-depth pool and a sandy play area that Charlie just loves!

And the child has no fear! He's so independent and is totally fine jumping around and getting his whole head under the water. Not to say that this doesn't terrify Mommy a little bit, but we have a great time.

"I'm goin in!" (run, run, run)

"What are you so worried about, mom? I got this!" (sitting at the top of the water slide)

Little buddies Charlie and Eli sitting just long enough for a pic.

About to run and jump in. "Catch me, mom!"

Can you tell from the hair that he's just come up from completely submersing himself in 2 ft. deep water? No fear!

Then it's over to the sand pit and a perfect Charlie-sized slide.

"Did you see me, mom? I did it all by myself!"

And then we "GO GO GO" run full-throttle back into the pool.

This is one of his favorite "give mommy a heart attack" moves. He gets down on his tummy in the shallow water and lets his feet float behind him and pushes with his hands on the bottom into gradually deeper water.

And then when the water gets up to his mouth, he just puts his face in, blows bubbles and keeps going. Mommy will come and rescue me before I run out of air, right? I'm so proud that he's not going to be one of those children who's afraid to put his face in the water at swimming lessons some day, but seriously, give mommy a break!!! :)

"Go go? Poo? Go go?" It's very sad when the lifeguards blow the whistles and it's time to go home, but we know we'll be back to the swimming "poo" next week. (hee hee)

ok, ps, for those of you not fluent in Charlie-ese, poo=pool ... just wanted to clarify ... :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just a quick story

Charlie makes me laugh!

He'll pick up his phone and say "hello," and then hand the phone to someone else. When asked, "who is it?" he'll usually reply that it's Nana, or Papa, or Rube-rube or whichever family or friend is on his mind at the moment.

He handed the phone to Annie yesterday, and she asked who was calling. Charlie replied, "Jesus!"

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Construction

Charlie is really enjoying watching our neighbors across the street put a new addition on their house. There are Vrroom, Vrrooms, and Cocks (trucks, trust me :)) and an-meh's (hammers) and WOW's going on every minute over there!

As a result, we needed to work with our tools a lot today, and here's what he constructed:

Not really sure where the hammer came into play in the making of this TOW (tower), but it and the screwdriver were on hand.

After lunch, I wanted to see if he was up for showing off some of his new words and sayings.

Well, cute video, anyway ... I was gonna try to have him say more, but CHARLES was apparently ready to go and play. :) And I seriously don't know where he came up with the fact that my tummy's name is Emma, I didn't TRY to teach him that ... but now it's stuck and comes out randomly. I'm not sure he realizes that it's a baby in there yet, so if "emma" comes out with boy parts, I don't think he'll make the connection or care. But it's still kinda cute.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jesus and John Grisham

Sorry we haven't posted in awhile, it's already been a busy summer! Where did June go??

So Charlie's language is just exploding lately! Several new words a day, and many of them are even understandable! :) Some are Charlie-ese, like today when he pointed outside and kept saying "moi, moi" and I couldn't figure out what he was saying until later when Josh got the MAIL. And Josh was a little offended for me when it appeared that Charlie kept yelling "hoe, hoe" in my direction until I explained that he wanted to go outside and play with the HOSE.

Water outside is his new favorite thing. Ahhhhh, a child's summer, playing with a little pool, eating frozen juice popsicles until every inch of you is sticky, drinking directly from the hose, spraying your mother with said hose .... oh, wait. :)

Speaking of translating Charlie-ese, in this picture Charlie kept saying PIE, PIE. Any guesses??

Well, Charlie is very patient with his mommy and demonstrates what he's saying. In this instance, I finally realized that grandma had taught him to water the garden by holding the hose UP HIGH. He's so funny when we finally figure it out, too, because his eyes get all wide and he throws his head back and does this exaggerated "Ohhhhhh!" to mimic that we've finally got it! It makes me laugh.

So after a sunny afternoon of getting all wet and playing outside, Charlie often needs some down-time. So we get all the wet clothes off and sit on the couch. Lately, he's been requesting a "nes nes," which means we take blankey and lovey and make a nest on the couch for him to sit and snuggle or read.

Here's today's version:
Often, he'll "read" books out loud to himself, and this was today's reading:

His Bible Stories book is his Jesus book.

When Daddy comes home, we get very excited and have to follow him wherever he goes, which usually means up to mommy and daddy's room to change. While Daddy changed today, we found even more exciting reading material:

PaPa, you will be happy to know that we're starting early on the John Grisham. He's very gentle with paper books, turning the pages one finger at a time so as to not rip anything. He thinks he's pretty big boy.

Finally, after dinner and more play time, the day ends with a MUCH needed bath and a happy Charlie in his dinosaur pj's.

Now the little monster is sleeping peacefully. Every night, we pray "Dear Jesus, thank you for another wonderful day." Love and blessings to all!!