Thursday, September 25, 2008

Found some more.....

I swear I did NOT put him up to this!

"Bear" has become a very important friend recently. I don't even remember where this bear came from, it's not new, but we pulled it off the shelf a few weeks ago and now Bear has been subject to lots of well-intentioned torture by the Charles Monster.

Today was particularly cute, however. We were sitting on the couch this morning reading the SNORT book (Are You My Mother, for those not entrenched in Toddler World) and Bear had to join us. Then Bear needed a blankey and nest. Then Bear got kisses and pat-pats and snuggles and THEN we got to continue on with the SNORT book.

Unfortunately I didn't get that part on camera, so after lunch today when Charlie went to get Bear, I grabbed the camera to see what his plan was.

I promise I did not prompt any of this!!

Strapping Bear into the big boy chair and clicking him in.

Feeding Bear a grape left over from Charlie's lunch.

Giving Bear a sip of Charlie's left over milk.

Cleaning Bear up after his meal. Ok, so maybe I helped Charlie get a clean rag out instead of letting him use the dirty one that I was using to wipe up the floor from Charlie's lunch, but all of this was totally his idea!

Then Bear took a ride on the tractor while Mommy finished cleaning up from lunch and it was time for us to read for awhile before Charlie's nap.

We gave Bear a "blankey" (one of Charlie's old recieving blankets) and Charlie made him a nest, tucking him in very ... um ... gently, yeah, that's it, gently! Then Charlie wanted his "Bus" book (all sorts of vehicles that Charlie makes different noises for, etc).

"I read it!"

So enough about Bear ... but seriously, I get so much joy from this little boy's antics!

We are also firmly into exploring Potty Training. He *sometimes* tells us when he needs to go, but if it's been awhile and he's still dry, we'll ask him if he's interested and if he says yes, he almost always does actually go! When did he get so big???

Obviously we're not ready to not have him in diapers or anything drastic like that, but it's a pretty exciting step!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mark and Annika's Wedding

This last weekend Becky's whole fandamily packed up and headed north for her brother Mark and Annika's wedding in Alexandria, MN. We had a great time and beautiful weather. Here are some of the Charlie pics from the big day.

Hangin' with uncle Dave and gettin' all spiffed up

NOT looking at the camera.

Our happy family!
Cheese? I'll give you cheese!
The whole fandamily pre bride arrival.

Chase me Mommy!

Aren't we cute?

Dudes, I've had enough. I need some alone time.......

OK, if I have to stay here, I'm digging a hole!

OK, this one has nothing to do with Charlie. This is Dad and Uncle Dave getting ready for thier flower girl debut!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, I thought the ears were cute and all, but I didn't expect them to hold favor with the boy for more than one day ... I was wrong.

Charlie is wearing his sheep ears again today, so I thought I'd try to teach him a song about sheep (which could be partially because I'm feeling badly that he doesn't know any songs except gory, hall-yu-ya, reigns).

This song is one I used to sing with the preschoolers at CPC when I was an intern there:

Now, I realize that he doesn't appear terribly enthusiastic in the video, which is comical to me. An hour earlier, he was requesting "Again, Sheep?" over and over and even starting to sing some of the words with me. Of course, having worked on the blog last night it took me awhile to find the camera and by the time I settled him back down to show off his new skill, he REALLY wanted to read "ABC Twins" instead of be my little performing circus monkey and I had to bribe him to get him to make the video. Hence the "are we done yet?" look on his face. :)

Here's one of the "outtakes" bloopers versions we made before I bribed him with the Twins book :)

Sigh ... I love that little boy!!! I hope these videos bring as much joy to your day as he brings to mine!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Charlie and Daddy bonding

Charlie LOVES his Daddy! Let's be honest, he's a pretty cool Daddy ... :)

One day Josh did something for me (I don't really remember what it was, I think he put gas in my car) and I hugged him and said "My hero!" Charlie thought that was a pretty appropriate sentiment, apparently, because now when we see or talk about Daddy now, he grins and says "My! Hero!" Very cute.

Charlie has gotten much more articulate lately, saying phrases and putting words together really very well. His favorite request when Josh is around is "Ride Daddy, pease?"

It's pretty cute. He climbs on and grabs Josh's shirt and says "Ang on" (hang on) and then when he's all situated he says "Ready? Set ..... GO!"

We build lots of towers together, too. Ok, mommy may have helped *a little* with the design of this tower, but I swear, Charlie actually put all the blocks on there himself.
The best part, of course, is the "KA BOOM!" knocking it down at the end. I actually caught the wind-up along with the proud-of-himself grin once the tower had fallen.

But back to Daddy bonding ... Charlie wanted Daddy to read him "Moon" (as in Goodnight Moon), but he didn't want to sit on Daddy's lap ... he climbed onto the other corner of the couch and pointed that he wanted Daddy to join him ... well, ok, who is Daddy to argue with his Little Dude?

And finally, I can't remember the last time I laughed harder than I laughed tonight at the Daddy and Charlie antics. First, a word about the wardrobe ...

We love our new church, Valley Christian Church, for many reasons, not the least of which is that Charlie actually ENJOYS his "Sunday School" and gets excited that we're going to "cha-lie's church." He usually leaves having done some sort of arts and crafts activity, which typically includes something as simple as glueing cotton balls onto a styrofoam cup puppet. Today we were greeted with this adorable sight when we picked him up after church:

We were told that he was a "sheep" ... um, ok ... but he loved it. We told him he was cute and he wanted to wear it the rest of the day, pulling it on his head and saying "cute!" No arguments, here!

So ok, the Daddy story ... Charlie and Daddy were wrestling or something on the couch tonight. (Charlie will run up and flop himself onto Daddy and say "Tickle?" ... who could resist?) Charlie bonked some part of his face on Daddy's knee and started to cry. Well, any parent knows that when an unknown injury occurs to a toddler, you ask where to put the kiss to make it better because it's not likely they're going to tell you "I bit my lip, Mommy."

So the conversation went like this:

Daddy: "Oh, did you bonk?"

Charlie (through tears): *sniffle* yeah (no blood, however. This is a minor 'injury')

Daddy: "Come here, let Daddy see" (pulls son onto lap) "Can Daddy kisses make it better?"

Charlie immediately lunges at Daddy's face with the injured body part, which was apparently his tongue! Josh recoils in surprise, Mommy spits out the milk she's drinking because she's laughing so hard, and Charlie realizes he's done something funny and any thought of pain is forgotten. (the tongue, by the way, is fine, and did recieve the requested kiss ... like I said, he's a pretty cool Daddy!)

Daddy and Charlie were sweet enough to attempt to re-create the moment for Mommy and her camera in exchange for Mommy taking care of the next smelly diaper. :)

And since this is already a huge mega-Charlie post, I guess I'll go ahead and include what I believe to be some adorable videos ... please forgive my singing.
Charlie and I were having a dance party to Mommy's old Psalty tapes (children's Christian music from the 1980's ... pretty cheesy but very fun). Check out Charlie's sweet moves!
We were listening to the song "If I were a butterfly," but Charlie believes that any song about God or Jesus should include the lyrics "Glory, glory, Hallelujah, he reigns" from the Newsboys song that he hears on the radio. You may have to watch the video more than once to tune out my attempts to get him to sing along with the song, but I swear what he's singing is "Gory, Ha-yea-u-ya, reigns"

Eventually I did get him to sing along with the song a little bit. Now it's just "If I were" over and over again ... it sounds like "flower," but the poor guy's doing his best!

I think there's a career in music ahead of him! :)

Love to all!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Emma

Wow, 3 posts in one day!

So this 2-D profile pic of Emma shows the recessed chin that is causing the concern. You can see from the picture that the nose is just fine, but this does show the absent nasal bone. The white line on her forehead is the bone of her skull, there should be another white area under her nose and there is not. Again, this in and of itself does not pose a problem for our little girl, but it's a marker for syndromes like Down's. The perinatal doctor today restated the 50/50 odds of Emma being born with some genetic syndrome.

She's growing, though! Still about 2 weeks behind her gestational age, but PRAISE GOD she's thriving in there!

What a cutie!

3-D picture of baby Emma's face. She's on the right side of the image looking to the left (eyes closed still) smushed up against the uterus wall. She's sucking her thumb! :)

Emma update

We had yet another follow-up ultrasound today. Not a lot has changed, but we do have some good news!

When she was first measured, Emma was only in the 10th percentile for size. Today she is in the 17th. It's a small victory, but Praise God, she's growing! She's measuring 1 lb 12 oz.

Still no nasal bone, still recessed chin, still 2 vessel cord, still small, but we got to see some 3-D pictures of her face and she's a cutie! We'll see if we can figure out how to post them.

The little drama queen was not co-operating today, however, dancing around and getting arms and feet in the way of everything they needed to see. The doctor was concerned that we weren't able to see all views of the heart, so we have a echocardiogram scheduled in 4 weeks along with our next follow-up ultrasound to continue to monitor her growth. They didn't see anything in the heart that concerned them, but there were some things they couldn't see, so they are being cautious.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. Love to all!