Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bathing Beauty

Just a quick Emma update: We've got a water baby on our hands!! :)

The "screaming in the bath" phase was lasting so long I was a little worried about a sensory issue with our little girl, but I shouldn't have been concerned. She's enjoying the water finally :)

"I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid. There's got to be a million toys that I can play with"

Josh here. This is not one of Becky's great posts about the kids. This one's all about me not growing up......

So I had this idea. Charlie has a winter birthday, he seems to really enjoy jumpers, I don't like jumpers in public because of the other kids, so let's have a half non-birthday for Charlie and rent a jumper......that I can jump in........

So, for those of you who don't know me, I'm a logisitics person. You do the dreaming, I'll make it happen. But for the above line of thinking, Becky actually said "it's your thing, have fun".....hmmm...famous last words.

So I was thinking a few friends and a simple jumper like this:

Nothing fancy. Just your basic belly jumper.

Then I saw this:

A SNORT! as Charlie would say LOUDLY! Then I did some thinking, decided no, the jumping space is pretty small, you're paying a lot for non-jumpable unlike me to think.

So, back to reality:

Then I was talking to a friend, and he said he had a connection.....hmmm, connections are good. So we reserved this:

A huge upgrade from your basic belly jumper. This is a jumper/climber/slide combo. We were excited. By we, I mean me and my friend. Charlie still knew nothing.

The day before we were planning our little schindig, I got "the call". "We're doing this tomorrow, right?" "Yes!?" "There was slight miscommunication. I'll call you back."

A VERY! fortunate miscommunication, because we were upgraded to this:

The S.S. Buccaneer. 27' long, 16' wide and 17' high. This is the picture I got on the website. Pretty impressive, but didn't even start to tell the story.

So the daddys wrestled a several hundred pound jumper rolled into a ball into the backyard, got it all spread out and hooked up and stopped.......WOW!

So with a little "what have we gotten ourselves into", we start the inflation process.....

Walking around dumbfounded.......

Getting the center mast up...

"Wadda we do now?"

A "little" perspective

The natives are getting wrestless..

So the daddys must go in for a safety check!



Three....cause you know it takes 3 to make sure it works safely! :^)

What's that!? Someone falling down the ladder headfirst upside down backwards? How'd that happen?

Oh, yeah, king of the hill, that might have been it.

Can we go? Can we go now?

And they're off!

So, after much playing, we did lunch, and then.......Diet Coke and Mentos, what else? Our friends from Atlanta brought us a mentos launcher....hmmmm

Where else do you do "science" experiments besides the middle of the street?

The crowd assembled.
...and I ran away.
And Becky stopped taking pictures. There were two cameras, so when we get the other pics, we'll post more of the science experiment.
8 hours of jumping in all. Wayyyy too much food, expecially the day after THE FAIR, and then three tired and sore and bruised daddys deflated and folded up the jumper.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A summer-fun-lovin' dude!

Lots of summer fun is crammed into this post - with still more to come!
But let's start with the State Fair. Over-priced over eating, but a LOT of fun for Mommy and Daddy and the Monster. Emma had a wonderful time with Nana :)

This year we actually tried quite a few rides ... this first one Charlie wasn't too sure about and it ended in tears. So Daddy and Charlie went together for a spin in a giant bear. That got him into the spirit!

Then we wanted to do the firetrucks,

but apparently the Dude's plan was that Daddy was going to work the hoses while Charlie drives ... he's a good daddy, he'll do such things for the little man. :)

Then Charlie was finally up for a ride on his own and had a blast with the bumper boats!

And now the real reason to attend the fair ...

Let's eat!

What on earth is this??

Chocolate covered bacon! What else?


Delicious corn on the cob

Gigantic foot-long hot dog

Gotta stay hydrated

And of course, the CHEESE CURDS!

Don't mess with a boy and his cheese curds :)

Thank you, State Fair, you never let us down ... I'm sure I gained at least 5 pounds! :)
Next we have a random pic of Charlie learning how to use that funny skateboard thing that goes under a car that I'm told is called a Creeper? Charlie SO wants to be like his Daddy and Josh is SO good at indulging him :)


These events are actually not in order, this is from awhile ago, but here we have Charlie with his Daddy at a baseball game! Are we noticing a theme, here? Lots of father/son bonding is going on around here lately. I love it! :)

Ok, and finally, our zoo has a new play area that is QUITE a hit with our little man!
You can be a turtle ...

Or climb a spider web...

Or a rope ladder into a giant tree house. No fear on this one!

But my favorite about this particular trip to the zoo is when Daddy and Charlie came home, Charlie ran into the house and yelled, "Mommy! Emma! (of course we need to tell Emma all about it, too, as he continually wants to let her know that she will do all this someday when she's big) Mommy! Emma! I climbed a GIANT MOS-QUEEE-TOE!"

LOVE the Charlie. He's having a pretty darn good summer.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tamara and her ...

camera strike again!

hopefully i'll have more to post soon, but she's awesome and Emma loves her and check out how cute Emma is in her friend's hat! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it got caught ...

Gretl, what happened to your finger?

hee hee, I LOVE The Sound of Music.

I just had the BEST snuggle time with my kids.

But does anyone else's toddler have a lovey or attachment item that is comforting when placed in his NOSE?

no one? huh ...

there's a corner of Charlie's blankey he calls his "fuzzy corner" it's not so much fuzzy as crusty ...

i know, yuk. but it's his comfort thing. whatever. i've got bigger fish to fry :)

so anyway, Charlie was going down for his nap and wanted Emma to be involved in the pre-nap snuggles, so Charlie, Emma, Mommy, Blankey, Lovey, Bear, paci, and Emma's burping tube all piled into the chair in Charlie's room.

I'm sure we were quite a sight

Charlie was "sniffing" his fuzzy corner and Emma of course grabbed onto blankey.

Charlie offered her a different corner :)

So there we sat, Charlie with Blankey in his nose, Emma with Blankey in her mouth, Mommy with her heart on her lap.

Then Emma reached over to give Charlie a kiss. But, see, Emma kisses involve her mouth and both hands and often the other person's nose.

I was amazed, though!. Charlie was pretty ok with that! It was pretty cute for about 30 seconds. Charlie giggled when Emma put her little fingers in Charlie's mouth.

But then Emma screamed. The end of snuggle time :)

Emma's fine, Charlie immediately apologized, but apparently i need to teach Charlie about Emma kisses.

Cuz Emma's finger "got caught" in Charlie's teeth.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Silly Charlie

"What did you learn in Sunday School today, Charlie?"

Jonah got eat up by a big fish and he swallowed him up and he spit him out like this!

It was, of course, funnier the first time because a) it was more spontaneous, and b) there were fewer cashews in his mouth, but you get the idea! :)

God bless you this Sunday

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's ok to ask, it's not ok to stare

I mentioned this on Facebook as well, but it's a good story so I'll tell it again here ... and I might ramble about some other things, too, you never know! :)

I took the kids to the Children's Museum this morning. Charlie met Clifford the Big Red Dog, so it was a smashing success. Down in the little cafeteria room where we were having lunch, a dad and two kids sat down at the table next to us. The girl, 7I would guess, was sitting with her back to Charlie, so dad and I were facing each other. Once I got Charlie situated, I needed to feed Emma, so I got out the tube and pump and all that and set her up, trying to sing "If I were a Butterfly" as quietly as possible with Charlie :)

So the girl kept turning around and staring at Emma. At first her dad was trying the "turn around and eat your lunch" route, but that was clearly going nowhere. Finally, I made eye contact with dad.

"It's ok to ask, I'm a nice lady and it's nothing scary, but it's not ok to stare and let's teach some respect here" is a difficult thing to communicate non-verbally.

But I think I succeeded, because dad said "it's ok" to the girl and she asked what the tube was for.

I gave my usual "Emma had an owie on her tummy and needed surgery when she was born and couldn't eat so now this is how we feed her while we teach her how to eat - but she does lots of stuff just like your little brother did like she smiles at us and she'll eat someday" response (or something like that) and introduced her to Emma.

Dad, of course, had some follow-up questions but was very friendly.

But Emma had made a friend! Dad was asking something about how long Emma had been in NICU and the girl squeeled with delight "Look, Daddy, she smiled at me!" We all know that grin that lights up the world, right? :)

So I guess the point is, maybe someday I'll get sick of explaining, but right now, I think I'll get a T-shirt printed that says "it's ok to ask"


In other news, Emma is so excited about her motor skills that she's not terribly interested in sleep. I am therefore tired.

And I'll brag on Charlie a bit while I'm at it: something clicked for him this week with counting, where now he understands that counting doesn't just mean saying 123456, but the first thing you point to is 1, then the next thing is 2, etc. Go Charlie!

And I swear no one is interested enough in my little corner of Blogland to pay me to say this, but I've found this video for Charlie to learn his letters that I would highly recommend. It's called the Letter Factory by the LeapFrog people. It's silly with a very weak plot, but each letter talks and such and teaches what sound they make. The R's, for example, have racecar wheels on them and say RRRRRR as they drive around and then the little boy in the movie sings "The R says RRRRRR" I was skeptical, but Charlie is now recognizing more letters and when he sees an M will now tell me that "The M says MMMMMM" Pretty cool, huh? TV is teaching my child phonics, cuz I'm a good mom like that .... :)

Have a great weekend! God bless you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I think I may have finally figured it out!

I heard somewhere that this song by Nichole Nordeman was written about her child. I don't know if it's a song to Christ or a song to a child about becoming a mother or maybe a little of both, but either way it's speaking to me this week. I need to call Emma's GI doc to set up an appointment and I'm being a chicken about it. This doc was the one who told us that we needed to "consider the ethical implications of keeping someone alive using a machine." Obviously we're choosing a different doctor, but it's within that same practice and I just don't want to go back (picture a lot of "self-righteous" whining from my end of the computer...)

So anyway, I'm listening to this song. I listened to it a lot because I was scared of labor and delivery with Charlie and I knew motherhood was going to rock my world - I had no idea!! :) But anyway, I hope it inspires you other moms out there to not accept "good enough"

I'm making the phone call ... really ... I promise :)

Thomas the Train

My mom is one of those awesome people who reads the newspaper, hears about cool things to do, finds a coupon to do it in a more affordable way, and then gets her family together to do it!

Such was the case this past weekend when Charlie got to ride on "Thomas the Train"!
Honestly, the actual train ride as all about the anticipation ... "Thomas" is attached to a real passenger train on real tracks and they take the families for about a 15 minute train ride. None of our pictures from inside the train turned out on my camera, but Charlie was SO excited to be taking a train ride!
I think, though, he had even more fun at the little activity area set up next to the train yard.
They had a "James" train, too. (i think it was James? the red one? Charlie's never actually seen the show and we've only read one or two books, but he LOVES trains and he LOVES these characters)

I think the smaller train was more accessible to him. He rode it over and over again!

Then of course you have the area of giant legos ...

and the big ball pit ... ("Nana, I have to go pee ...")

and the big inflatable slide!

(my mom's gonna say there's too many pictures of her butt in this post, but promise me that if you see her you'll tell her that she looks great? she's lost a lot of weight and I'm super proud of her!)

Thanks, Nana, for a great weekend adventure!