Thursday, December 23, 2010

You aren't going to believe me

Josh doesn't believe me.

I'm not entirely sure that I believe me.

Emma's SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist) has been trying to get Emma to follow directions and identify objects. I've been ... supportive, but rolling my eyes at her in my mind.

The child does not walk or talk, she's NOT going to choose the right card when asked to identify the dog or the car on those pictures ...


So today she put Emma in a chair with a tray and said, "Let's just try it."

The first two pictures were a car and a baby.

"Emma, which one is the car?"

Emma grabbed the card with the car on it.

Um, ok, sure, lucky guess. The car has more bright colors than the baby doll.

A train and a duck.

"Emma, where is the ducky?"

Right ... see, both times the correct card was on her left, so that MUST be what's going on, because MY child does NOT know how to do this! Believe me, I've tried!

Realistic pictures this time of toes and a hand.

"Emma, which picture is the toes? Grab the toes."

Well, ok, it was on her right this time ... ummm ....

We set aside the cards she grabbed for correctly and tried all sorts of combinations, switching the right and the left, asking for boring colors and not interesting pictures.

With over 80% accuracy (the SLP was counting because that's Emma's documented goal), Emma correctly reached for the card picturing a car, a train, toes, eyes, an ear (and for bonus points reached for her own ear also on this one!!!!), a duck, a baby, a hand, and a truck!

I cried.

The SLP was absolutely thrilled.

Now, I know that sometimes Emma's skills come and go. I know that she did it today but that she might not do it tomorrow.

But for today, it was a GREAT early Christmas present.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's a tradition I married into. "We go frolick and find a tree" I was told. Silly me! I thought we went to the nearest parking lot with trees and picked one........oh no! You must take a whole day to do what should take about 2 hours!

First, you must bundle!

And then you get in the car and unbundle because bundling makes you warm.....

And then, upon arriving at the tree farm (yes, farm, not parking lot....) you must rebundle and look cute!
And then we're off to find the "perfect" tree....or to be clear 4 perfect trees. Now that Becky and her 2 brothers have all have houses of their own, we need 4 trees.

Nana picks the first tree she sees, and the rest of us ignore her because we're just starting to look.

And then we go through and check each tree and come to an agreement on the perfect tree. This part is actually a lot of fun. It's a debate every year between tall/short, skinny/round, big/small needles, etc....

About 2 seconds or so into the process, Charlie is pooped! So much work to walk when you're all bundled and there's there's Uncle Dave for that!

Maybe we need to go up there where all those cars are going!

So we all load into the truck, and it's off to......yet another part of the farm.

And after the quick nap on Uncle Dave, it's off to the frolicking once again!

And when we land on a tree, we ask some poor unsuspecting passer-by to take the family pic!

And again......

And again....poor unsuspecting passer-by

***Only Minnesotan's will understand, but yes, I have the lovely pink really warm hat. It's tradition! We usually use it to mark a "maybe" tree until we're decided. And yes, Uncle Dave is wearing an equally interesting, yet warm, hat. And yes, Uncle Mark (far left) is wearing hat, jacket, snow pants! uh huh....we're nothing if not fashionable!

And then comes the cutting! Charlie is VERY! helpful.

And Emma thinks we're HILARIOUS!!

Good work Daddy! Keep it up!

Are you done yet?

So, who's bright idea was it to ride in the back of the truck up to this area? Who thought riding back down with four trees in the back would be fun?

Uncle Dave and Charlie are under there somewhere....

I think.....

And Mommy and Daddy squished in the back.

Lucky for you I'm out of pictures and patience!

Next comes the shaking and bagging of the trees, the trip back to the city, and then four stops to get trees put up, and then decorating of the family tree at Nana's. It's a long, tiring, REALLY FUN day!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday night at a local dive

Click the music video and listen while reading the post - it really lets you experience the atmosphere of our evening better, I promise.

Charlie wanted to try bowling, and there's this bowling alley (DIVE) 2 minutes from our house, so we thought we'd let him give it a shot.

We had a REALLY great time! Just the 4 of us.

Charlie and Josh bumper-bowled (Charlie ALMOST beat Josh because Josh couldn't find a ball that fit his fingers!)

Emma crawled around on the floor and laughed at me while I cheered for Charlie.

And then we had dinner at the bar. I ordered a tall tap beer and danced a giggling Emma on my lap to "Sweet Child o Mine" by Guns n Roses.

We had apps and fries and Charlie and Daddy watched football on the big screen TV while Emma charmed the waitress.

It was really great!

We are SO not barflies, but since most places in the Twin Cities don't let people smoke if there's food being served, it's not like it's physically unhealthy for the kids. The worst that could happen is Charlie could ask further follow-up questions about the song "She thinks my tractor's sexy" that was blaring from the juke box.

We laughed, we ate, Josh and I had a beer and the kids laughed at us singing along with bad '80s music. It was a REALLY good time :)

Feeding Therapy ...

is going well :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charlie's sick :(

C: "Mommy, you know what I really like to do when I'm sick?"

Me: "What, buddy?" (bracing myself for a request for another movie or possibly Wii)

C: "I like to snuggle."

LOVE that kid :)