Monday, July 25, 2011

Both she and I

are very lucky to have him.

"Mechanic work" needed to be done on his bicycle. And she wanted to help.

She pointed to the wheel and he said, "Wheel, Emma! It turns and makes the bike go!"

She pointed to the pedal and he said, "Pedal, Emma! You put your feet on it and make the wheels turn."

"Someday you'll ride a bike like this, too, Emma!"

She moved the pedal and it moved the chain. She grabbed the chain and her hand got dirty. She held up her hand and he wiped it off for her.

And when she was interested in his face, he even showed her his tongue.

Are these moments common between brothers and sisters? Or are they miraculous? Or both?

Friday, July 15, 2011

We're still here

What a month!

Just as we were finally feeling like our little girl was back to her happy, healthy self, an ear surgery that was scheduled weeks ago kind of snuck up on us. She did great with the procedure on Wednesday; her ENT said that this was the easiest time he had ever had working with her ears. Recovery has been a little bumpy, though. Her gut isn't bouncing back as quickly as we'd like, but I suppose with all she's been through, that's to be expected.

But between Emma's health and some construction work that is being done on our bedroom ... resulting in us crashing on our own futon for the week and sharing a bathroom with our kids ... and helping with moving my grandmother into assisted living ... we're a little stretched past our limit around here.

And I really hate everything that comes with that. What I hate most is that we probably get very emotionally near-sighted. Stress does that to all of us, I think. I think it's very easy to not see opportunities to "act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly" when life gets overwhelming.

But at the same time, I do think that maybe God ... I don't know .. factors that in? I don't think that any of our stresses take God by surprise, and so if I need to take a minute ... or a day ... or a week ... to just bury my head in the sand and focus only on the "kingdom work" that God has for me within my own four walls ... maybe that's a season that He has planned? And maybe I need to be ok with that?

I'm not good at being carried. You know the old "Footprints" poem, where God says that he would never forsake us during our trials ... "It was then that I carried you." Pride makes that uncomfortable. So does the lie that we can handle this life on our own.

So I'm in a season right now ... it's hard, but God provides just the right amount of peace and light and love for the step we're on. Josh and I have always joked that we take turns falling apart in times like this and that God put us together for a reason because we never lose it at the same time. I fell apart on Wednesday, Josh fell apart yesterday, and once we get the pieces back together ... well, we'll be back

But right now, we're just here ... doing our best ... and trying our hardest to allow ourselves to be carried by Him.