Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where did August go??

Emma had a rough patch, there, but is doing much better.  Once again, the details are diaper-related, so I'll just say I'm glad she's better :)

Charlie is still enjoying kindergarten very much.  I'm very proud of him

We had a fabulous camping trip with our amazing church community.  Don't you love it when community happens?

Feeding therapy is still going well, but we definitely seem to have hit a plateau now that she is MUCH more interested in walking.  I think we'll take a break as she starts school next week.

And my flowers are blooming :)

I've never really tried gardening before this year, but I think I'm hooked.  Charlie and I started these zinnias from seeds and I'm finding it to be very rewarding.

Enjoy the last few days of summer - it's been a good one around here, but fall is definitely welcome :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Charlie was clearing the table after Taco Night tonight, and I was reminding him to be very careful carrying his plate as there were lots of little cheese shavings that I didn't really want to try to clean off the floor.

Free Range Emma crossed his path

Charlie's response:

"Oops!  Emma Crossing!  Watch out!  Hee Hee, you know, like those Deer Crossing signs?  You have to watch out for deer because you don't want to get antler marks on your car ... or maybe you do want antler marks ... I wouldn't, but I guess it's up to you ... "

I cherish the fact that he clearly has no trouble saying what's on his mind. :)

I read some advice once that said to be careful to listen to the little stuff when kids are little, because when they are big, you'll want them to tell you the big stuff ... and to them, it's always been big stuff.

And as an added bonus, this kid seriously cracks me up! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Free Range Emma

 The Bear has developed a craving for wide open spaces

She is loving her mobility ... and I think she thinks our house (or what parts of it she is allowed to wander freely through) is too small.

So Josh and I have started joking that she needs Free Range Emma time ... you know ... before she empties out the cookie sheet cabinet in an effort to find an appropriate sled for her latest attempt to navigate DOWN the stairs ... she's busy :)

Today, while Charlie was at school, Emma and I explored this park.  It was lovely.

Yes, for those wondering, her clothing did get a bit damp ...

But all in all, my daughter and I had a delightful morning together.  I'm thankful for the weather and the beauty of the area and, most of all, for the girl :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

She's got skills

My little girl is all over the place these days!

She's learning so many new things.

Feeding therapy is going well.  We're seeing the results (again) of the VitalStim protocol.  So in these videos, you'll see Emma's fancy "stickers" on her neck; those are the electrodes to stimulate her swallow muscles.  You can tell she feels much safer with those helping her swallow.  She's much more confident, too.

She is quite certain that she's big now, so clearly she can feed herself and do her own oral motor exercises, right?

Gross motor skills are still really exploding, too

No, she can't get down the stairs safely yet ... but that's not for lack of trying ...

And her confidence with walking has gotten HUGE.  She has realized that, not only is walking faster than crawling, but it has the added benefit of freeing up one's hands for carrying things from one place to another.  This is thrilling to the Bear ... which means that, in the amount of time it would take a Mommy to, say, make a peanut butter sandwich, several refrigerator magnets can be placed in Emma's crib AND we can also "help" Big Brother with his laundry by bringing him some of the shirts Mommy hadn't put away yet in the Bear's room.  If you ever come over and find board books in my toilet ... please don't judge :)

Her most recent milestone, though, has been the ability to stand up all by herself.  Yes, I realize that this typically happens BEFORE walking, but I've heard that it's pretty common with CdLS kiddos (maybe because of their tiny little feet?) that walking happens first.

Check out the technique, though.  This child's core strength amazes me!

No, seriously, I've been trying this and I can't do it!  Can you go from sitting on your bum to standing without putting your knees or hands down?  

I love watching her grow!  She's gotten to be such a big girl ... all 22 pounds of her! :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

First day

Charlie went to Kindergarten today! 

(yes, it's a little early.  he's going to a charter school and they have a "stretch schedule."  it's not year-round, just longer breaks during the year and a shorter summer, which i am very excited about)

So today was Charlie's first day of school!  How is it possible that he's gotten so grown-up?

He was a little nervous, but mostly excited

As you can see, by the time he had hung up his bag, found his seat and put on his name tag, he was a little done with Mommy's pictures and ready to start his day.  He'd never say it, he's way too polite, but I could tell that he is ready to stretch his wings a little and be big.

He loved his first day.  He came home exhausted but pleased.

He definitely noticed the difference between preschool and kindergarten ("There was more learning time and less play time," he said.), but he also told me how excited he is to learn new things! 

He's ready

And I didn't cry ... much

I don't know if he knows how much I pray for God's blessings for him, but I know he knows I love him, and I know he's so very ready for this next huge step.

Man, I love that kid!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


We're battling an infection around Emma's Gtube site right now, so between that and a ramp-up in the therapy schedule during Emma's break between Summer School and September, not to mention Charlie starting Kindergarten next week ... it's been a little busy around here.

not that I mind :)

I've been trying to train myself to follow Phil 4:8 more closely:
Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.

I am, in general, a pretty positive person, but I believe we all plenty of opportunity in our lives to CHOOSE joy or despair on a moment-by-moment basis.

I think I've said this before - I'm doing my best to choose joy

When you take a minute to have a look around, life is usually pretty good :)