Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Charlie started first grade this week and he has been LOVING telling me about his day.  Yesterday, he told me about Phy Ed and Music and punching in his code to get lunch and the "clip up" system his teacher uses to redirect students' behavior.  And then, after all that, as sort of an afterthought, he told me,

"Oh, and I stood up to a bully today!"

He said he was in the hallway during dismissal time, lining up for the carpool,  and there were two boys in "3rd or 4th grade?" interacting in line in front of him.  He said that one boy had glasses and the other didn't, and that the boy without glasses kept yanking on the backpack of the boy with glasses.  The boy with glasses kept asking him to stop, but he wouldn't.

So Charlie, apparently, walked up to the boy and said, "He asked you to stop, you should stop."

The response was something along the lines of, "I don't have to listen to you, KINDERGARTENER!"

Charlie said, "Nice try, I'm in first grade, and anyway, it doesn't matter how old I am, if he wants you to stop pulling on his backpack, you should stop."

At this point, a buddy of Charlie's chimed in with, "Yeah, how would you feel if it were you?"

Charlie then told me that at that point, the boy had some "not nice words" that he "didn't know what they meant" to say to him.  I asked Charlie if that hurt his feelings.  He said no, and that the boy didn't yank the backpack again.  Then it was time to go.

That was yesterday's story, and it made me so proud of him.

What made me even prouder, though, was today's story.

Apparently he ran into the boy he had confronted again today by the drinking fountains.

The boy who had been yanking the backpack yesterday looked at Charlie today and said, "I recognize you."

Charlie walked right up to him with a friendly smile and said, "Hi!  Hey, I never asked you, what grade are you in?"

Apparently the boy responded and they had a friendly "nice to meet you" exchange.

I clarified when he told me the story: "So, like, you were kind and he was kind and everything was cool today?"


I have been praying very specifically this week for the Spirit of God to pour wisdom into the heart of my son.
I praise God for answered prayers :)