Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm amazed!

A friend of mine put it well; God is good and amazing and loving and deserves honor and praise regardless of our circumstances.  But I sure do love it when He shows off a little bit :)

I am so thankful for how well things are going!

You would never know that it's only been two weeks since Emma's surgery.  She's totally got her spunk back.  With all that she's been through, her little spirit just amazes me.

AND she's basically regained all of her previous skills!

The only thing slowing her down right now is her stamina/confidence.  She used to be able to walk across our entire backyard without help.  Now she's hesitant to do so without a finger to hold.  I'm not sure if it's that she's not feeling confident or if it's just an issue of decreased muscle tone, but I'm not worried :)

She's a tough cookie.

And it's pretty fun to see the side benefits of this surgery that no one expected to be impacted.  Like, she's taller!  I'm not sure if it's that she's just standing up straighter or if it's actually that she's taller, but everyone who sees her often has noticed it.  And my favorite development is in her eyes.  Her eyes are brighter, open wider, and connecting with the world so much more than they have in a long time.  Her teachers say that, at school, she's so much more content and attentive and willing to wait her turn and participating beautifully.

(it's at this point that i'm choosing to stay away from a particularly nasty brand of 'mom guilt' ... apparently she's been in pain for awhile ... seeing how much better she feels now underscores for me how bad she felt before ... and 'mom guilt' says i should have figured it out sooner ... but like i said, i'm choosing, minute by minute, to let that go ... we found a problem and worked to fix it, end of story ... letting go of the guilt)

Praise God for His amazing work in my little girl!  His work in her life moves me to praise!

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